In this day and age there are millions of cases for all devices and sometimes you can just get lost in the “Buy Now or Amazing Deal” on every case we come across but today Spigen Cases give us the first great deal in a long time on amazing cases.

The Spigen S4 Neo Hybrid is designed for the minimalist who wants to stand out in a crowd. The frame can be customized in 6 colors and looks like absolute art. The Satin Silver frame was the one we had the pleasure of trying, the thin rubber and thin frame at first feel cheap in your hand till the moment they perfectly fit on the phone.

The price on the Spigen S4 Neo Hybrid is only $29.99 with free American shipping. The customizability of the case is a great feature though drop protection seems lacking. The back grip feels amazing and the phone stays on the dash of the car without sliding and feels like it was form fitted for your hand.  The double layer case does give more protection than most common cases, very similar to the Commuter by Otterbox but not nearly the protection of the defender.

A minor issue does arise if you are no longer using the stock Samsung charge cable as 90% of the cables on the market will not be fully compatible and will require to be held in place to charge or sync your S4.

Another great feature of the case is when the frame gets damaged or you want to dress your phone to match your current outfit, you can change the frame to multiple colors and even at time of purchase get a major discount on spare frames that are other colors then the one that came with it.