The Silicon Power Stream S07 is a rather unique take on desktop storage designs. While it may fall short of its stated goal of giving a full impression of being made from stone, the thermo-molded plastic does make it stand out from the typical plastic clad models that permeate the industry. When you mix in reasonable capacity options with reasonable performance levels and then add a dollop of reasonable asking prices the Stream S07 mostly reaches its goals of being a good ‘everyman’ external storage solution for… well… every (wo)man. A model that can act reasonably well at being a showcase piece meant to incite comment and interest instead of blending in to the background.

With that said the Stream S07’s execution does carry over the exact same issues of its predecessor the Stream S06… and then adds in a few more quirks just to make things interesting. Like the Stream S06 series, the Stream S07 lacks a physical on/off power switch. While somewhat forgivable in a model intended to spend as much time being carried from one location to another, with a model obviously designed with staying in one place and one place only the lack of an on/off switch is noticeable by its absence. Having to unplug the darn thing is less than optimal. This is an issue that a one-dollar switch would have avoided. Hopefully at some point in the future Silicon Power will get the memo on what consumers actually want… and give it to them.

The other issue is while the concept of the Stream S07 is laudable a few minor tweaks in the execution would have made it truly standout. Yes, the rough texture works and works well and giving a nearly organic ‘aged’ look to it. From across a room you could easily mistake it for a small oddly shaped statue. Unfortunately, as you get closer the ‘crack’ with its shiny smooth design does breaks this impression, and so too does the use of black and only black for the plastic for the exterior. A solid case consisting of white with black streaks (or more optimally still ‘marbling’ of white and black) would have dramatically increased the overall aesthetics. As it stands it is unique and the texturing – at the very least – does negate most of the need for an integrated carry handle. It just could have been so much better.

Overall either the Stream S07 or Stream S06 will serve you well. Neither are perfect, but their asking price is rather reasonable to say the least. Thus, the biggest questions you will have to answer before deciding on exactly which model you want is what is its intended purpose. For those wanting a more portable option the Stream S06 is still our favorite. For those wanting an unusual model that will live most of its life in one location the Stream S07 is more optimal. Then after answering that question you have to ask yourself if you can live with not having a physical power switch. No matter what answers you come up with both the Stream S06 and Stream S07 do deserve your time and attention.

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