We remember our first LaCie external storage device very fondly. It was their d2 Quadra with then cutting-edge FireWire, USB and eSATA connectivity options had a whopping 320GB of storage capacity… and shook the very foundation of what was expected from mere external storage devices with its minimalistic all-metal design that somehow could offer multiple input/output options. Since then, the LaCie Porsche series one again re-defined what could be expected from external storage. This time with grace, elegance, and unique style that few could ever find a flaw with. Since then LaCie may no longer be LaCie and rather a subset of Seagate, but that does not mean they have forgotten their roots. In fact, the all new – and ‘Apple exclusive’- LaCie Mobile SSD series proves that LaCie’s engineers are continuously trying to push the boundaries of what is and what is not possible from external storage.

While this new LaCie series is sold exclusively through Apple stores that is not the same as saying as it is an expensive series. Rather, it simply is not inexpensive. Put simply, with NAND based storage capacities ranging from 500GB ($189.99) to 2TB (at 599.99 USD) this is not the most expensive external flash-based storage series available, nor is it the least expensive. Instead LaCie is trying to tread a fine line between the two extremes which we colloquially call ‘value’.
lacie mobile ssd 500GB intro - LaCie Mobile SSD 500GB Review
To help boost the overall value the LaCie Mobile SSD series not only offers performance in excess of 540MB/s, offers both Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 (and previous USB specifications) compatibility, comes clad in a drop-dead gorgeous aluminum chassis, but also offers an above average warranty. A warranty that is not only 50percent longer than average (3 years instead of typical 2 years), and comes with free data recovery, but as it is sold through Apple stores… comes with Apples legendary ‘hassle-free’ customer service. To see if all this can overcome the somewhat elevated asking price, we are going to test the 500GB capacity version to see what it has to offer. To help show its performance we will also be comparing and contrasting it against a more typical ‘value’ option: an MX500 500GB M.2 drive in an ASMedia ASM1153e USB enclosure. So, let’s see what makes this new series tick and if LaCie has indeed created another value packed series… or one that is ‘unique’ in its definition of ‘value’.