Whether you own a smartphone, tablet, GoPro style ‘action camera’, or the typical mundane camera your choice of SD storage can indeed have a noticeable to large impact on overall performance. Put simply, your device is only as ‘fast’ as the slowest component used. Invariably the bottleneck is going to be your SD card. The sad fact of the matter is the lowly SD/SDHC/SDXC/etc card’s performance is terribly slow by modern standards and the SD has been slow to adapt to the changing times (they only recently announced a PCIe express based specification). Right now, the fastest real-world SD cards are SD UHS-II class of cards which top out at about 300MB/s. While UHS-II adoption is, to put it mildly, slow these cards easily work in UHS-I devices (at UHS-I speeds) and are rather future proof to say the least. The only downside is usually their increased cost. Silicon Power and their new Superior Pro series intend to change that, as their latest models offer blazing fast speeds and yet do not cost all that much more than UHS-I card of similar capacity. Today we are going to look at their latest edition, the Superior Pro microSDXC UHS-II series. Specifically, the 128GB capacity model.

Silicon Power Superior Pro mSD intro - SP Superior Pro micro SDXC UHS-II
On paper the Superior Pro microSDXC UHS-II has a lot going for it. The 128GB capacity version retails for only $70 (USD). It offers true UHS-II performance with full UHS-I backwards compatibility (rev4, rev 3, etc). It is only one of a handful or microSDHX cards with an A2 performance rating. It is a microSD card that comes with a full-size SD UHS-II (and not UHS-I) compatible adapter, and generally speaking is built to a rather high standard (including water and dust protection). That is a lot to like and really not much to dislike.

Especially when you consider the UHS-II SanDisk Extreme’s of the marketplace usually do not offer much more and yet cost a lot more.
As we will show you in this brief review this card does make justifying its asking price rather easy to say the least. Since we are firm believers in showing as well as telling, lets dig right in and see what makes this card special.