These days the need for moderately large external storage (at a reasonable price) is higher than ever. When you are stuck inside and do not have your own NAS an old-school ‘sneaker net’ is hard to beat. After all, who wants to waste bandwidth on re-downloading entertainment so everyone in the family can enjoy it. This is what external, USB and hard drive based, storage was meant to do. With so many choices we thought it would be a great time to highlight one such option that appears to be tailor-made for satisfying these needs. To be precise we will be putting the $110 priced 6TB Silicon Power Stream S06 under the microscope.

This series was chosen as on paper it really does seem to tick all the right boxes. With upwards of 8TB of capacity it is sure to placate the cravings of an entire family for months at a time. Thanks to an integrated carry handle, and unlike a lot of ‘desktop’ external storage designs, the Stream S06 is meant to be portable storage and is easy – and securely – moved from one room to another without worries over accidental drops kill it. While ‘only’ USB 3.1 gen 1 enabled this ‘slower’ and ‘older’ standard makes it both less expensive and more compatible with a broader range of devices compared to USB 3.1 gen 2 Type-C models.

That certainly is a lot going for the Stream S06 series. However, even on just a quick glance a few questions do remain. Namely, as this is an older model what kind of performance can you expect from it? What choices have been made, if any, to help alleviate heat from keeping this all plastic clad model from ‘baking in its own juices’? Most importantly of all… with so many choices to choose from already, is it worth your time and effort to track it down versus the more widely available Seagate and Western Digital (to name just two) options? After all, this is a hotly contested corner of the market with so with a veritable ton of options to choose from. So let’s first shuck it, see what makes it tick, and then put it through its paces so you can decide if its unique pros ‘n’ cons make it an optimal choice for your specific needs.