InterServ’s Heroes of the Dungeon (HoD) action RPG mobile game is now available for advance sign up before the game’s official worldwide release later this month on both iOS and Android.  Advance registration is free of charge and only requires your e-mail to complete the sign up. All early adopters will each receive 5 Berserker Soulstones, an in-game collectable necessary to summon/upgrade one of the main playable heroes, in the form of a redeem code. Contents offered through the redeem code are valued at 29.99 USD and will be sent via email as soon as the game is available for download.

image001 - Heroes of the Dungeon Interview with the Devs image002 - Heroes of the Dungeon Interview with the Devs

Featuring the largest roster of playable heroes ever found in a mobile dungeon crawler, HoD developer InterServ is preparing for the official launch at the end of October 2016. We had the chance to talk with the producer to learn more about the story behind Heroes of the Dungeon. Prepare yourself for an exclusive look at the character concepts and overworld.

unnamed - Heroes of the Dungeon Interview with the DevsProducer of Heroes of the Dungeon

Q: How did you come up with the concept for Heroes of the Dungeon?

A: My biggest influence is Dungeons and Dragons, I am a very big fan! But when I constructed the overworld, I originally considered a survival game in a zombie world. Another idea was a shooting game in a modern war setting. But in the end, the team decided to construct the world as a dungeon-style environment.

Q: Can you share the approach by the development team?

A: First of all, I hope Heroes of the Dungeon provides many unique visual effects and experiences. For example, during the dragon battle at the beginning of the game, we were able to create some next-gen graphics and models. The executive art producer and action designer spent over 1 month designing the battle.

Also, the animation for every hero’s ultimate skill is very important to me. I don’t want every fight to look the same. The goal of our design team is to push the player emotions into an immersive experience. It’s really important for players to experience a variety of exciting battles.

image004 1 - Heroes of the Dungeon Interview with the DevsArtist and Character Drafts
Q: What is it like to experience the overworld for Heroes of the Dungeon?

A: The world designer and I combined the features of mobile games and the depth of console games. We designed the world to be simple, yet gameplay-wise still offers a deep challenge. It is our hope that in the beginning, players will feel the world as chaotic, but attractive. Players are going to explore the world through their characters. The overworld is designed with the players in mind, and we hope that within the first 5 minutes of playing, players will fall in love with the world and its charm.

image005 - Heroes of the Dungeon Interview with the DevsLance the Berserker Draft

Q: Was there a most memorable moment while developing the game?

A: I believe that every part of development is equally important. However, the most unforgettable moment was while gathering prototype elements. We picked a few successful elements from our previous games, to build and expand upon our ideas for Heroes of the Dungeon. After all, most of our team was working on new patches for another game, so it just seemed to make sense.

In the beginning of development, we came up with many interesting things. The game includes vertical battle screens which allow players to easily enjoy Action RPG with one hand, as well as quick time events (QTE) for context sensitive gameplay like in console games. Developers achieved some great accomplishments during the initial prototypes. We even designed a boss battle in a 4-player co-op mode. These are pretty innovative features for today’s mobile games. Be that as it may, not all of our ideas have made it to the final version of the game. It became a matter of managing costs and value that were added to the project. Nonetheless, the design team will do their best to present the highest quality experience for players.

image006 - Heroes of the Dungeon Interview with the DevsCharacter Draft

Q: Can you tell us about the main characters and their design?

A: Lance the Berserker. I decided Lance would play an important role in the first design iteration. He is a born natural hero. Lance is really important during the early stages of Heroes of the Dungeon, and offers a great perspective for different areas of the game. I really hope players take advantage of his great gameplay, story, and immersion.

Cloris the Shadow Archer. She is the first female character in the game. I hope she is not only sexy and mysterious, but also special and agile. We added an ammo system to her skillset, which is different from your typical ranged character in an ARPG. We reviewed and adjusted the ammo system during development, to ensure that her skills were not too hard to understand.

image007 - Heroes of the Dungeon Interview with the DevsBoss Character Draft

Q: The most special part of Heroes of the Dungeon is the dynamic dungeon system. Can you share how the dungeon system was designed?

A: In the beginning, I hoped to construct a deep and complex dungeon system with random generation. Actually, we made several different versions during development. However, we found out players only play mobile games for a few minutes at a time. This is why we made a huge dungeon, and chopped it down into several small stages. Players will be able to enjoy Heroes of the Dungeon in segments, while still being able to progress in the game.

image008 - Heroes of the Dungeon Interview with the DevsColosseum Draft

Final thoughts…

“The development team is very grateful for the continued support from its beta players. The feedback and suggestions collected during beta have been extremely valuable, and have benefit to create a more rewarding experience. Whether it’s the richness of game modes, diversity of heroes, or fluid gameplay, we hope that players enjoy this great creation and community.”

– InterServ International

Heroes of the Dungeon will be available for both the Android and iOS platform at the end of October.

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