Not that long ago we took a long hard look at the Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1070 and walked away very impressed with what it had to offer. Everything from its good noise levels, to its excellent overclocking potential, to its extremely reasonable asking price really did endear it to us. Though it was its combination of a large custom cooling solution with three large fans which really pushed it over the line and into great value territory. In that article we did hint at a couple NVIDIA GTX 1070’s that we knew of that were potentially even more impressive. One of these were obliquely referencing was the Zotac AMP! GTX 1070.
intro - Zotac AMP! GTX 1070: Versatility and value
The Zotac AMP! GTX 1070 may not get quite as much recognition as its ‘bigger brother’ the Zotac AMP! Extreme, but that is not to say it is anything other than a pixel pushing beast. In fact, its value is nearly unmatched in the GTX 1070 marketplace. This is because while it is factory rating of 1797 MHz is not as ‘extreme’ as the Zotac AMP! Extreme’s of the marketplace, the fact of the matter is this dual slot card will easily hit the overclocking limits NVIDIA has artificially decreed for the 1070 series long before it runs out of performance potential. Mix in the fact it only costs $390 (or about 5 percent less than the GB AORUS 1070, or ~9 percent less than an EVGA FTW2 1070) and the Zotac AMP! Edition GTX 1070 has an excellent overall value.

Put another way, the Zotac AMP! GTX 1070 has less installation issues, costs noticeably less and yet offers nearly all the overclocking headroom of premium priced models. The only major differences will be in noise, temperature and maybe a few MHz on the final overclock. We will go over these differences in the coming pages and then you can decide if you agree with our assessment of how big a hidden gem this card was, is, and probably will be in the coming months. We hope you enjoy our continuing efforts to help show you the best options of NVIIDA’s last generation.
int - Zotac AMP! GTX 1070: Versatility and value