Ballistix certainly has been on a bit of a rampage lately releasing new model after new model. Not that long ago Ballistix released the ASUS Republic of Gamer themed SPORT AT series and helped bring a dash of excitement to TUF themed builds. Before that was the Tactical Tracer RGB that are still easily one of the best examples of how to add LED’s to RAM properly. This time Ballistix has turned their attention to the value end of the marketplace and refreshed the value orientate SPORT LT line. Where once they maxed out at about DDR4-2666 frequencies, the new additions to the SPORT LT now go all the way to DDR4-3200 (and with very good CL16 timings).

Put another way the refreshed SPORT LT is tailor made for buyers who do not necessarily want to have to sell a kidney to get good performing ram but still want fairly fast frequencies. That is certainly a tall order, and given the fact that Ballistix Sport LT does just that – thanks in no small part to a reasonable $120 USD price tag for a 2x8GB kit) – Ballistix’s engineers could have called it a day and proclaimed ‘mission accomplished’… and no one would have thought any less of them.

They did not. In addition to boosting the frequencies the new SPORT LT line-up not only comes in multiple color options – red, gray, white – but also come with a more modern styling. For example, where the older SPORT LT series were basically a mono-color set, the new SPORT LT has a rather subtle ‘digital camo’ style pattern to their colors. Basically, instead of just say gray, they have gray, light gray, and dark gray patterns. This should further increase the range of custom system builds each of the three color options will work with. Mix in small and funky highly reflective silver stickers and on first blush the new SPORT LT look as flexible as they are stylish.
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